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Phases of the game:

1)Timer phase If at the beginning of the turn you have a full timer, you must choose to either: - activate it: in which case the timer and all the cards used to delay it are discarded. The spells on it remain in the Timer area and you must play them until the end of turn. - delay it: in which case you must put a card from your hand, with the card back showing, on that timer. If you have a card on a timer you will replenish your hand until you have one card less, such as 4 cards instead of 5. Two cards to delay the timer mean 3 card in your hand maximum and so on. If at the start of your turn you have a timer that is full, even if you pass the turn to replenish all your Ke, you must put a card from your hand to delay it.

2)Main phase: You may play Spells, Focus or Timers and also Spells that are on active timers.

3)Access spheres Phase You may take cards from the Spheres of Consciousness depending on the number of spells played during the turn. These new cards go directly in your hand. You can't choose to draw from the same sphere during the same turn. One spell and you can draw from the first level, two and you can draw from the second and so on. Starting with the third spell you can combine and choose, a first and second level spell. It is possible to take the second card from a level, which is not revealed. For this you must pay an extra cost. For example, to take the second card from the second level, you must play three spells.

4)Closing Phase Discard all your played spells and replenish your hand until you have 5 cards, or less if you have chosen to delay timers.

End of game The game finishes when 2 of the 5 spheres are empty, or more exactly at the end of turn of the player who draws the card that makes it happen. The players score points such that a card of gives an amount of points equal to the level it belongs. In case of equality the player with the highest amount of Ke wins.