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During your turn, you may spend your actions points to:

  • pick cards from the card rows (if you have room in your hand)
  • play cards to your tableau
  • increase your population
  • build/upgrade farms, mines, or urban buildings
  • build/upgrade military units

Yellow counters represent your population. They can be in one of three places:

  • on the cards on your tableau
  • on your available worker pool
  • on your "yellow bank" -- when this is empty, you can no longer increase your available population

Blue counters represent food or resources. They can be in two places:

  • on your farms or mines
  • on your "blue bank" -- when this is empty, you can no longer produce food or resources

Building up your civilisation:

  • Food lets you move workers from your yellow bank to your available worker pool.
  • Resources let you move workers from your available worker pool to a card on your tableau.
  • Science (light bulbs) lets you move cards from your hand to your tableau.
  • When your population grows, you will need to produce more happiness or your workers will stop working.
  • Producing culture will earn you victory points.
  • Producing more military strength will protect you from raids or wars.

There are 3 versions of Through the Ages:

  • Simple plays through Age I
  • Advanced plays through Age II, and introduces political actions (colonies and raids), unhappiness, and corruption
  • Complete plays through Age III, and introduces wars