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The game

Select adjacent colored tokens in order to pop them. Strategically pop colored tokens in order to finish the game with the most of your own secret color popped.

White tokens can be used as any color.

Win instantly by popping all of your secret colored tokens.

You must pop all adjacent tokens of the same color.

In case of a tie at the end of the game, it's the player who popped the less of the tokens matching his own secret color who wins.


Two secret colors: this variant allows you to play Color Pop with two secret colors, which will have you thinking very often on which color you are gonna favor this turn! This variant is only available for two player games.

NB : you can also play against the computer and try to win solo challenges on the website hosted by the game publisher, Gigamic.

Game preferences

The colorblind option available for this game enables an alternative setup displaying symbols on the tokens using the great color code designed by Miguel Neiva: ColorADD.

Learning the code is easy, just take a look at the following synthesis panel:


Have a good game!