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In The Jelly Monster Lab you are an scientist trying to make the best jelly monsters. In order to do it so, you need to move through the labs, trying to find the parts you need to make your monsters.

At the beginning, every player starts with two experiments. Every experiment shows a monster made with a colored body (blue, red, pink or gren), eyes (1, 2 or 3) and a mouth (happy or sad) and a lab where you must make it. The parts are spread out over the six labs, so you move to them, and grab the parts you need to make your monsters, but you cannot have more than 5 cards in your hand.

Once you have your experiment card and the parts, move to the lab indicated by the experiment card and leave all there (the experiment card and the parts). When other player come to visit that lab, it'll find your monster and then, it will be yours.

While you're moving through the labs, you're leaving trails in order to know which player has been the last visiting it. If you move to a lab with a trail, there may be a monster of the owner of the trail. In addition, you can't move to a lab you were the last visit, so you need to program your moves to have all the parts of the experiment before you arrive to the lab where you must leave it with all the parts in your hand.

In any time, you may want to go to the center to pick up a new experiment and make new monsters. But you'll not be able to go to the center if you just came from there (your meeple shows laid down) and if you have the maximum cards in hand (five).

When a player has 4 monsters done, the center is open to close the game. Any player who goes there, finishes the game.

Every monster has an score on it, depending on how difficult is to find their parts. You can see how many parts are in the game of each type, and what are all the experiments in the guide card placed on the bottom left corner of the playboard.

The player with the most score points win the game.

Advices: If you have experiments, one side too low scored, or on the other side too difficult to find the parts, you can leave the expèriment card in any lab, so other players can play with it, or maybe you can play with it in a later visit.