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Corridor is a 2-player game, the object of which is to move your pawn to the other side of a 9x9 board before your opponent.

You can either move your man up,down or sideways or put a fence down. Players can jump over an opponent that he is next to or jump diagonally if he is next to a fence. Players cannot jump over fences. Players can put a fence down to block an opponent, but must allow at least one path to get to his winning side.

You have only 10 fences. There is a fence counter by your name. Set traps to delay the opponent and create corridors to a winning path. You can concede the game by clicking on the square by your name and clicking "Concede...". You must have completed 50% or more of your game.

There is an optional starting "Off the Center Aisle" Variation. Players agree to play this variation. The first player moves sideways and the second player move sideways in the opposite direction. The players keep on moving sideways until they agree to stop.