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Seasons is a game of generating points (crystals) by choosing the correct combination of dice and the activation of card powers.

The game goes by each player separating their 9 cards into 3 packs of 3 cards. The card will be returned to the player on the starting of each cycle.

Each player can choose only one die per turn. The effects are as follows:

Star - increase the maximum card player can summon (max 15)

Elements - Gain an energy of the element shown (water, earth, air, fire)

Numbers - Gain the number of Crystals as indicated by the number

Square card - Draw a card

Dice with frames surrounding - Allow user to transmute energy into crystal (depend on which part of the game is at)

Dots - Indicate how fast the marker progresses through the seasons cycle

There is also a maximum of 3 helps provided at the cost of point deduction at the end of the game. The help will cost 5 points for the 1st time, 7 for the 2nd and 8 for the 3rd. There are 4 type of helps which include adding a star, allow user to transmute this turn with an additional crystal gained for each energy transmuted, change 2 energy into any element and allow user to choose a card out of 2 cards (must use with draw card dice).

At the end of the game the points are calculated by adding the numbers on each played card and the crystal owned and substracting 5 points for each power card remaining in hand. The player with the most victory points wins.

Note: Users need to discard energy immediately if the energy is more than the slots allocated. If a card allows you to summon another card but you have no space for this second card then it (the second card) will be discarded with no refund.

Difficulty levels:

Apprentice wizard level

In order to make the game easier to learn, there are “pre-constructed” sets of nine power cards. Instead of taking step 1 of the first game phase, each player gets one of these sets.

Magician level

Only the power cards numbered 1 to 30 are in play. These cards have easy to grasp effects and will allow you to slowly discover the world of Seasons.

Archmage level

All 50 kinds of power cards are in play. The cards numbered 31 through 50 have more complex effects than the basic cards, but will allow you to extend the fun of playing by discovering new effects and combinations.