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Thanks to Mark Johnson (Eeeville) for his Tournay card descriptions used in the BGA adaptation!

The game ends when both of the following conditions are met, or if condition 1 is met by more than one player:

  1. A player has filled 9 spaces with at least 2 visible prestige buildings.
  2. One Town Crier card more than the number of players has been revealed.

The last round is triggered at the beginning of the start player's turn and each player gets a normal turn in this round. Then all players can choose a final card to play into their districts.

Important notes:

  • You cannot score more than 12 victory points from the same prestige building.
  • If two players build the same prestige building there is only a single scoring.

Details of prestige buildings


  • Belfry: per set (1 yellow + 1 white + 1 red) of buildings or characters
  • City Hall: per yellow citizen (2x)
  • Cloth Hall: per yellow building or character (2x)
  • Mint: per set of 4 deniers (2x)
  • Tour des Six: per character (2x)


  • Cathedral: only the player who builds it earns 8 PPs.
  • La Madeleine: per prestige building (2x)
  • Saint-Brice: per set (1 yellow + 1 white + 1 red) of buildings or characters
  • Saint-Jacques: per white building or character (2x)
  • Saint-Nicolas: per set of citizens you own (1 yellow +1 white +1 red)
  • Saint-Quentin: per white citizen (2x)


  • Pont des Trous: per set (1 yellow + 1 white + 1 red) of citizens
  • Porte de la Vigne: per red citizen (2x)
  • Tour d’Arras: per white and yellow building (2x)
  • Tour Henry VIII: per rampart built (2x)
  • Tour Saint-Georges: per red card building or character (2x)